Industry 4.0: Olivetti and Italtel sign agreement to provide IoT services and solutions for businesses

Milan, 15 October 2019 – Olivetti, digital center of TIM group, and Italtel, an Information & Communication Technology multinational owned by the Exprivia|Italtel Group, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in the Industry 4.0 sector and develop IoT services and solutions for industries.

The goal of the partnership is to outline an operational and industrial agreement to build an integrated IoT solutions portfolio based on each company’s area of expertise, targeted at Italian companies.

IoT solutions covered by the agreement will include projects that have been implemented by both parties, such as Olivetti’s highly innovative ‘Smart Factory 4.0’ solutions and Italtel’s ‘IndyMachine’ suite. The solution resulting from the collaboration between Italtel and Olivetti makes it possible to securely connect any type of industrial machinery and interpret collected data to analyze and improve production processes by means of monitoring tools, predictive maintenance, man-machine dialogue, and asset tracking, using innovative augmented reality tools for the remote expert and strengthening workplace safety.

“With its wide range of services, Olivetti aims to become a leading player in the digital transformation process—especially with regard to the 5G revolution—and to transfer the benefits of digital innovation to companies in the industrial segment. Based on Olivetti’s consolidated IoT and Data Analysis experience—resulting from field data collection and secure edge computing transport for its management/interpretation—, these solutions complement one another, providing customers with ‘turnkey’ solutions for the digital transformation of production processes,” says Olivetti CEO Ettore Spigno.

“Our strategy is to help companies effectively implement the transition to Industry 4.0 by renewing their tools and technology and by improving their productivity and competitiveness within each business area,” says Italtel CEO Stefano Pileri. “We have developed a comprehensive set of solutions that operate according to the logic of 5G, ranging from system connectivity and management system integration to customized process development. We aim to make our offer even more innovative so we can grow in the Industry market, where we have already implemented several projects for large multinational groups.”

These solutions will use Olivetti’s platforms and connectivity and will be complemented by various services provided by both companies.

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