San Diego: bus tracking solution for Cisco Live

Within the Cisco Live that took place in San Diego in June, the aim of the Exprivia | Italtel solution was to enrich the official Cisco Events mobile app in order to give the attendants a new feature, which allows knowing dedicated shuttle buses waiting times and travel times.

The solution components are:

  • 45 buses equipped with Cisco products Router IR-829 or GPS Logger
  • Cisco Kinetic
  • bus positioning system developed by Exprivia | Italtel: web app, which calculates the buses’ travel time and make this data available to the Cisco official app

The user experience can be summarized as follows:

  • The attendee starts the Cisco event app
  • He goes to the section dedicated to the shuttles
  • He inserts his destination and picks-up location
  • He finds out the position of the first shuttle on the map with the estimated waiting time
  • He sees the next bus waiting time

Look at the overall architecture in the following picture:

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