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Several municipalities of Western Sicily, in the metropolitan area of Palermo, issued tenders to deploy video surveillance systems isola to monitor several public buildings (schools and offices) and access streets. The purpose was to improve security and to take action actively against delinquency.

At that moment, those small municipalities did not own a city network and one of the biggest challenges was to build a network infrastructure to be used by the video surveillance system in a small budget context.

A plus of each project would have been to deploy an infrastructure which could be used also for other services.

Italtel realizes the video surveillance project for 3 municipalities in Sicily


The video surveillance system has been realized by Italtel in the course of 2016.
The cameras monitor the area H24. The recorded images are sent through the wireless network to the control center run by the Municipal Police.

For each Municipality, four main transport sites have been placed to be connected with a high capacity ring using microwave links (17Ghz). The ring allows a redundant path between the main points of the network and the use of microwave links provide high speed links in a cost-effective constraint.
The backbone has been used to collect all video streams coming from the peripheral sites and transport to the Police Main Office where images are stored and analyzed in case of need.
In a second phase, once the video surveillance system was activated, some municipalities added also the voice as a transported service on the same infrastructure.


All municipalities got significant benefits from their projects from a social and economic perspective.
Vandalism acts significantly decreased (i.e. the robberies of ICT devices or the damages to schools during the night almost disappeared since vandals and criminals can be identified through video surveillance systems). This means less expenses to buy again stolen devices or to repair damages.
Many robberies have been detected and the guilty have been arrested and for this reason citizens now feel themselves more secure.
Moreover, the use of the network infrastructure for other services such as internal voice calls produced a cost-reduction (in the order of 50/60 % less) of phone expenses.
The network infrastructure will be also able to be used to implement smart metering solutions, information totem and other services.


The projects have been delivered using best-of-breed technologies available on the market.
In summary, the selected technologies are:

  • Avigilon, Sony or Bosch for the cameras (Fixed, PTZ or multisensor)
  • Avigilon or Milestone for the NVR and the operator stations
  • Cisco or Allied Telesis for the network devices
  • Cisco and Zabbix for the monitoring system
  • SIAE AlfoPlus for microwave 17 GHz links
  • Ubiquity for HiperLAN 5 GHz links

Cisco has been chosen to provide networking equipment in terms of Layer 3 and Layer 2 switching and to provide the computing infrastructure (UCS) used for the monitoring system.
The layer 3 ring is based on the OSPF protocol to provide quick convergence in case of failure on one of the backbone links, while access sites are connected through P2P HiperLAN links.

Italtel as Prime contractor, realized the design of the solution and implemented the video sourveillance, monitoring and network.


The mayors of the three involved municipalities have all confirmed that video surveillance projects have reduced vandalism: they have underlined the role of the projects in respect to the constant demand for security requested by citizens.
Italtel was able to carry out the project on time, ensuring that the infrastructure can also be used for more services.

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