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    Tiziano Onesti

    Born in Rocca di Papa (Rome) in 1960, he is a Professor of Economics at the University of Roma Tre and Professor of Accountancy at the LUISS University of Rome. He is Chairman of Italtel since June 2013.

    Mr. Tiziano Onesti held and continues to hold roles as member of the board of directors, auditor, internal auditor and liquidator. Among others, he serves as independent member of the Board at Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso SpA; he also serves as Effective auditor at Risanamento S.p.A., and he is external member of the Supervisory Board 231 of Eni SpA.

    Mr. Onesti is economic-business consultant of leading Italian and foreign companies, especially in the evaluation of companies and branches of companies concerned by extraordinary transactions; he provides advice on corporate restructuring and governance structures for public and private legal entities.

    He is the author of publications on many issues of accounting and business economics. He holds a degree in Economics.


    Stefano Pileri

    Stefano Pileri was born in Rome in 1955. He is graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1980 and holds a Masters in Applied Electromagnetics. His thesis, in Microwave Technology, was published in the IEEE Proceedings on Communication.

    Since September 2010 he is Italtel Chief Executive Officer with the task of leading the company in financial restructuring following a new industrial strategy based on the development of the Network and System Integration In Europe and Latin America with a strong component of Engineering, Research and Development in the Telecommunications Market, Enterprise and Public Administration Market.

    Before becoming CEO of Italtel, he has spent his entire career in Telecom Italia where, until the end of 2009, he was the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Technology & Operations. Reported to him the divisions Open Access Network, Information Technology and Real Estate, with the aim of increasing the transparency and quality of the network, develop innovation in services offered to the enterprises, public administration and families and then continue along the path of efficiency and cost reduction.

    In 2005 he had been appointed Chief Technology Officer with the responsibility to integrate Fixed Network, Mobile Network and Information Technology. In this role developed the project of Fixed and Mobile convergence and opened the way to the development project of Next Generation Access Network (NGAN) in the fixed network and LTE project in the mobile network, currently under deployment. From 2006 to 2009 he was General Manager of Telecom Italia Group.

    In 1998, just after the completion of the privatization of Telecom Italia, he was appointed head of the Network of Telecom Italy.
    In 1982 he began his career in SIP with increasing responsibility in Information Technology with particular regard to information technology to support business processes and network control.

    In 1993 he became head of the Network in the Region of Emilia Romagna, with responsibility for technical development and operation of regional facilities. In 1996 he took on responsibility for planning and engineering of the Network at national level.
    During his career he has always devoted considerable attention to accelerating the development of ICT sector in Italy with constructive and high level relationships both with public institutions and private organizations.

    From 2009 to 2011 he served as President of the Federation of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services and before that, from 2007 to 2010, he served as Vice President of the Union of Industries of Rome with the responsibilities of the project Digital City of Rome.

    He has received several international awards. Among these, the Tele Management Forum Award, the International Engineering Consortium Award in the USA and EUCIP Champion.


    Guido Candiani

    Guido Candiani joined Italtel in 1991.

    He is Vice-president, responsible for TI Group, Telefonica Group and the whole Latin America Region.

    Starting his career in 1989 at Aerovironment (USA, California) and having spent the following 2 years in Telettra Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of the Fiat Group’s telecommunication manufacturer company, Mr Candiani joined Italtel and covered various roles of growing responsibility in the product and marketing management and in 1996 he became COO of Cubatel, a joint venture between the Ministry of Electronics Industry of Cuba and Italtel group.

    In 1999 he started up operations in Brazil and acted as Italtel Brasil COO. In 2002 he returned to Italtel headquarters to take on the responsibility for the product and project management of the Group.

    In 2008 he assumed the P&L responsibility of Telecom Italia Domestic operations and in 2010 of all EMEA Service Providers (in Italy and Europe).

    Born in Genova in 1965, married with three children, Guido obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico of Milan in 1989 and followed the YTMP Executive program at INSEAD.


    Roberta Rabino

    With a degree in nuclear physics, Roberta Rabino began her career in IBM where she held several positions in sales, marketing and business development in IBM’s outsourcing area, and where her last role was Sales Executive Manager for TelCo & Media.

    From 2001 to 2004 she was CEO of Benedictus Spa, an ABM Group company specialising in the definition of innovative business models.

    Over the following two years Mrs Rabino held several roles in GSH Spa Holding, which controls companies in Italy and abroad operating in security (logical, physical and lawful interception).

    Her last position before joining Italtel was at Enterprise Digital Architects where, for a year, she was head of the Market Unit for Central/North Italy, as well as serving as Business Developer for local and central public administration.

    She has served on the board of directors of several companies, including subsidiaries of IBM, Infracom Group, ABM SpA, and the Milan Tourism & Commerce Union.

    In September 2007 she entered Italtel and in January 2008 she became head of Customer Solutions. She covered various roles of growing responsibility until she was appointed head of EMEA Market Region with a focus on Service Providers, Enterprises and the Public Sector.


    Paolo Allegra

    Paolo Allegra joined Italtel in December 1989 as HW&SW Engineer. More than twenty years in the Telco industry, firstly assuming technical responsibilities, then achieving a specialization in the networks design; afterwards he moved to the Sales Area for the international Market and later on assumed the role of Head of the Advanced Professional Services Organization which comprises Design, Engineering, Testing, Deployment and Technical Assistance departments at Milan Company headquarters.

    Mr. Allegra spent more than seven years in Latin America participating to the creation of the start-up Italtel Brasil and carried out, in the role of General Manager, the acquisition of the Brazilian Market through some relevant contracts with major Service Providers of fixed and mobile Telephony. He held the role of Sales Area Manager for the emerging markets Middle East and Africa for three years with the responsibility of local subsidiary.

    Starting from 2009 he took charge of Delivery Unit until 2010 when he was appointed Head of Product Unit.


    Nicolò de’ Castiglioni

    Nicolò de’ Castiglioni was born in 1960. He joined Italtel at the beginning of 2001. Prior to joining Italtel, de’ Castiglioni held a number of Senior Vice President positions in major Italian listed companies (i.e Pirelli).

    He had been General Counsel of Schiapparelli 1824 S.p.a (Pharmaceutical) and Franco Tosi (Italmobiliare Group – Finance). In 2001 he left Pirelli – where he entered as Head of Corporate Legal Affairs (1996) and became General Counsel of Pirelli Real Estate (1998) – to join Italtel.

    He received a Law degree at Università Statale in Milan (1985) and worked as solicitor for the law firms Baker & McKenzie (1985-86) and De Berti & Jacchia (1986 – 1990).

    He is General Counsel, Secretary of the Board and Secretary of the Compensation and Secretary of Supervisory Board (O.D.V.) (pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no.231/01) Committee.

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