IoT platform for safer city traffic


emergency events due to violent weather conditionsA large city in northern Italy need to provide an integrated tool to better manage emergency events due to violent weather conditions.
Italtel helps the Municipality to connect the existing “Alarms management” and “Video surveillance” systems to an IoT platform for the environmental monitoring.


The solution includes the IoT Cisco platform, a Security Operation Center and Cisco Webex Teams.
The solution monitors the flooding of the underpasses in case of heavy rain and notifies drivers in advance with dedicated traffic lights and digital road signs.
The solution sends alerts about the rising level of the river on a dedicated room on Cisco Webex Teams
The Security Operation Center integrates and strengthens physical security, traffic monitoring and environmental monitoring systems already in place, with networks and platforms adequately protected using the most advanced cybersecurity solutions.
Italtel, together with Cisco, provides the IoT solution collecting data from sensors.

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