The adoption of new Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions (mainly based on video) is crucial for the business development and the strategy success of enterprises widely spread on geographies. Multiple UC&C applications often share the same network resources and are unaware of traffic generated by other services in terms of effective bandwidth usage.

Moreover, the traditional technologies for managing QoS, traffic prioritization and UC&C Call Admission Control (CAC) policies are no longer adequate for delivering high level of Quality of Experience (QoE).

The introduction of Software Defined Networking (SDN) approach allows a more flexible enterprise network management improving bandwidths efficiency also for UC&C applications.

QoE challenge can be addressed in a fully converged way taking into account at the same time network status and application need.


Italtel Netwrapper is a powerful Enterprise SDN application that “wraps” network and services (applications), enabling a fruitful harmonization between them.

Netwrapper understands UC&C services needs for bandwidth and determines the right allocation of network resources in order to offer users the best possible QoE. Its main goal is to provide a smart usage of higher-priority Classes of Services making sure that the bandwidth used by multiple UC&C applications does not exceed the Service Provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Bridging the gap between application needs and network resource availability, Netwrapper enables a dynamic tuning of CAC rules and application prioritization.

Netwrapper, built on top of Cisco DNA Center, is the outcome of the strong cooperation between Italtel and Cisco around Enterprise SDN technology.