Banking: new connection and more efficient services


An important banking group with hundreds of branches scattered across Italy needed to implement a centralized Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solution for all those branches, connected to the Service Provider via SIP trunk.
Due to the complex characteristics of the group, the Service Provider availed itself of Italtel’s collaboration to conduct a targeted study, both for the System Integration aspect and for the design part.

With the solution provided by the Service Provider, the Italian banking group has found full response to its specific needs both in terms of user services and of connection optimization, with a significant reduction in costs and management.

A centralized UC&C solution for all the branches of an important Italian banking group in the national territory connected to the network via SIP trunk


The solution connects a Cisco Call Manager platform to a customer-specific instance of the Session Border Controller (SBC) NetMatch-S.,
in order to establish an SIP Trunk connection to the connection provider's network.
Moreover, the solution is particularly rich from the point of view of the adoption and implementation of various UC&C services.
The heart of all virtual and non-physical connections is the SBC solution provided by Italtel.
2,900 telephones have been installed on almost 300 offices/branches spread across the national territory, with a migration rate of 5 branches per day.
UC&C services: fax servers, voice recorders, corporate and personal directory management on IP Phones, mobile apps, statistical billing tool for cost allocation on internal orders, automatic responders for courtesy and call handling services, automatic operators, call queuing, phone lock software


The main benefit is the centralization of the solution with the optimization and consolidation of the output trunks towards the Service Provider's network and the termination of all traditional landline contracts in the 300 offices/branches
Thanks to the fax server, the banking group has been able to centralize the service with the subsequent disposal of G3 analog lines and fax machines, allocated in the various offices, with significant savings in terms of fees, management and maintenance of such equipment.
With the Attendant Console (AC) suite, the banking group has optimized its service by delegating the handling of incoming calls to the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in times of intense telephone traffic.
Furthermore, thanks to the billing tool, the banking group will be able to constantly monitor telephone expenditure and its progress, thereby promptly identifying any critical situations or possible improvements.
The solution ensures the security of all communications, both internal and to/from other banks. The activation of the phone lock software protects from fraudulent use of phone devices and avoids the corresponding phone charges.
Finally, thanks to all other UC&C services, the customer will be able to provide its employees with a series of services that will simplify their daily work and provide a high return in terms of customer satisfaction.


The technical solution involves the installation in two Data Centers (in geographical redundancy) of two Cisco BE7000 servers which will host the Cisco CUCM IP-PBX and the UC&C Imagicle applications. Cisco ISR routers are also planned for DC, to be used as a conference bridge.

The solution has been scaled to support the banking group’s voice communications, to ensure Unified Communication services to all 2,900 end points. The connection to the Service Provider is carried out via SIP thanks to the presence of an Italtel NetMatch S-SBC.

The application component provided by UC Imagicle – Cisco’s strategic partner – includes the following applications:

  • Blue’s Attendant Enterprise for 10 distributed AC stations
  • IVR with Queue Manager Enterprise ACD for up to 60 calls
  • StoneFax fax server for 30 simultaneous channels
  • Call recorder for 2 simultaneous channels
  • Phone lock software covering up to 5000 users
  • Billing system up to 5000 users
  • Speedy Enterprise for managing personal and corporate directories up to 5000 users
  • Jabber gadgets up to 5000 users
  • Imagicle Mobile Apps up to 5000 users, to send and receive faxes, access company contacts, and call them via Jabber.


Thanks to the collaboration with Italtel, an important Italian Service Provider has created a catalog of SIP trunk-based services for the business world.
Italtel’s role was pivotal not only in consolidating the Service Provider’s catalog, but also in implementing the specific solution for the large Italian banking group.

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