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The new Italtel kicks off

The new Italtel gets underway: the new Board of Directors appoints Benedetto Di Salvo as CEO. Claudio Calabi confirmed in the role of Chairman.

Milan, 1 April 2022 – Italtel’s Board of Directors today appointed Benedetto di Salvo as the new CEO, confirming Claudio Calabi as Chairman. The entry of a manager with solid experience in the telecommunications and Information Technology sector together with a new shareholding structure – PSC, the Clessidra Capital Credit fund and the TIM Group – mark for Italtel the overcoming of a complex phase that lasted until the end of 2021.

Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company that designs and implements solutions and services for the digital transformation, today has a share capital held 54% by the PSC Group, 28% by the Clessidra Capital Credit fund and 18% by the TIM Group. The transaction on Italtel carried out by the three shareholders involves a capital increase of 56.3 million euro, of which approximately 48 million euro will be in cash.

Benedetto Di Salvo, former head of Sirti’s Digital Solutions Business Unit, began his career in the aerospace and plant engineering sector and then moved on to the world of ICT, where in 30 years he held global roles with some of the main multinational companies in the sector such as Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and Ericsson.

“I am honoured by the opportunity to lead Italtel, an Italian excellence that I have always admired for its history, strong technological skills and DNA focused on innovation – says Benedetto Di Salvo, CEO Italtel – We intend to accelerate a transformation process to return to sustainable growth. We will expand our presence in the public and private enterprise sectors, leveraging diversified expertise and proprietary solutions in cloud, cyber, networking, multimedia, IoT, 5G and automation. We will continue to be focused on TelCo providers by supporting their plans to evolve their services and core networks, transport and UBB access (FTTH and 5G). We will focus on foreign markets that have greater potential.” 

Benedetto Di Salvo takes over from Stefano Pileri, who leaves the position taken in 2010 and who has guided Italtel’s industrial journey in an extremely complex period.

Claudio Calabi has been confirmed by the Board of Directors in the role of Chairman of Italtel and Umberto Pesce assumes the position of Vice Chairman.

The operation on Italtel – says Roberto Loiola, CEO of PSC is a significant step for our strategy, which provides for transforming the group by investing in growth markets in Italy and abroad and rationalising the overall structure. We believe that Italtel and its Information & Communication Technology business are central to the group’s strategy. I am pleased that Benedetto di Salvo has accepted this challenge and I think that with his extensive managerial experience he is the right person to lead Italtel in this new phase. We would like to thank Stefano Pileri for having been at the helm of Italtel in these years; a heartfelt thanks also to Chairman Claudio Calabi, to Chief Restructuring Officer Andrea Severini and to PSC Legal Counsel Giuseppe Pirozzi for having been able to manage a highly complex operation”, concludes Loiola.

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