Support Services


Network and IT efficiency is mandatory to consolidate the customer loyalty, in particular when competing in extremely dynamic markets. The parallel evolution towards increasingly convergent networks and Cloud-enabling IT infrastructures requires high-quality specialized skills and capabilities to manage the complexity of multilayer networks and services.
Both Service Providers and Enterprises are therefore required by their internal and external customers to maintain the network and IT service availability to the highest expected level. This challenging target can be achieved only relying on very effective performances of the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provided by the suppliers, in order to improve network and service care.
Support service dimensioning and deliverables must be defined starting from a punctual assessment phase and the convergence on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA).


Efficient Technical Support Services can help Service Providers to reduce churn by enhancing the end customer satisfaction and Enterprises to boost productivity by improving network and service availability.
Based on unique know-how and competences, Italtel offers distinctive multi-vendor Technical Support Services; being a single-point-of contact, whatever technologies are involved, Italtel significantly reduces the customers Operating Costs simplifying the support process.

Italtel services are designed, implemented and delivered to meet the quality of Support requested by Carriers and Enterprise Customers worldwide. Italtel assigns a team of skilled specialists to each individual live network and IT infrastructure under support. More than 40 of the most innovative telecommunication networks worldwide have been designed, developed and are currently supported by Italtel.