International scenarios in the recent years are constantly changing and require the adoption of Defense models that are based on very different concepts and assumptions compared to even the most recent past.

Just to give a summary example of the new scenarios that those responsible for the Defense of a nation have to face, just think of the increasing tasks of the Armed Forces, also with roles of responsibility in international coordination spheres, which require the adoption of technological tools to control operations and networks, which require the ability to quickly move to different geographic theaters of war.

Leveraging the qualifying experiences made with the Italian Defense, Italtel is the ideal partner for the bodies responsible for the defense even for realities other than the Italian one.
Italtel proposes a series of solutions that aim to support the Armed Forces to respond effectively to the new requirements that the changed international scenario requires to quickly satisfy.

Italtel is able to:

  • support the growing importance of Cyber Security solutions
  • satisfy the need to adopt Cloud related solutions
  • ensure technologically advanced communications infrastructures and services to all the Armed Forces locations
  • design and implement tactical Data Centers for all the international operational theaters


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