Network Control

Telco Operators and Enterprises provide several IT services to their internal and external customers: voice, video, web surfing, instant messaging, social networking, etc.

The whole set of these services is supported by many wired and wireless network infrastructures,composed by multi-vendor technologies. The quality of these networks affect significantly the perceived Quality of Experience, thus determining the customer satisfaction, that turns into increased loyalty – Operators side- and improved productivity – Enterprise side.

The challenge is to enhance service level, operating and managing proficiently the networks,while reducing – at the same time- Operating Expenses.
Therefore, there is a dramatic need for technology-independent tools, that can help controlling and operating seamlessly multi-vendor networks. The answer to Operators and Enterprises needs cannot come from all-purpose OSS systems, but from Network Control tools, providing specific vertical featuresand enabling IT staff to avoid time-consuming manual tasks.

Italtel launches into the marketplace two featured Network Control tools, developed starting from real engineering experience in field, and providing:

  • automation of configuration and troubleshooting activities to supply proactive IP network care;
  • active monitoring for quality control (traffic injection simulating customer experience).

The final scope is to optimize the network behavior by proactively operating and controlling the infrastructure: checking misalignment and misconfiguration, testing the actual behavior, highlighting bottlenecks, taking measures to improve network efficiency and capacity.

Italtel’ products for Network Control are:

Italtel Network Empowerment System

Italtel Quality Assurance Center

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