Cyber security

Cyber security should be a priority for those who want to move towards a digital business approach while also minimizing risks as much as possible. Integrated actions and approaches are necessary, and investments and security plans should be in line with a company’s needs and objectives

Technological advance, which offers many new opportunities, also entails new threats. The increase in the use of Cloud-based technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data makes systems susceptible to a wider range of threats, which in turn makes risk management processes within companies more and more complex.

How do we protect ourselves against threats such as data breaches, malware, ramsonware, phishing, DDoS, social engineering?

Technological solutions alone are not enough. An effective security program must be established with the support of specialized partners who can offer a combination of skills, processes and technology capable of responding to all the different types of threats.

Italtel supports customers in defining and implementing the cyber security solutions best suited to their specific needs, which are determined through a thorough assessment, and assists them throughout the entire process, from the identification of priorities to the implementation of the solutions themselves, while also devising medium-term development plans, so as to guarantee optimal security levels at all times.

A team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, with skills and certifications on the most advanced technologies and methodologies, offer customers expertise and support as solution providers and technology consultants.

Italtel’s SOC and NOC structures in Italy and in some foreign offices such as Spain and Brazil complete the network security and availability offer, with the added advantage of a flexible service both in terms of time and methods (Outsourcing, Co-Sourcing…).



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Given the large number of attacks that are being reported every day, information security is not only a necessity, it is a responsibility, and it is part of our DNA. To meet this priority, Italtel has created one of the largest Cyber Security Centers in Latin America and implemented its own Security Operation Center located in Brazil, which uses various technologies such as vulnerability and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and provides services for the whole Latin American area. As technologies are integrated into a new generation of Incident Orchestration, our methods and processes help to identify, analyze, and mitigate behavioral anomalies and different types of cyber attacks.

Italtel’s offer

For a company that wishes to adopt cyber security solutions, Italtel is the ideal partner to identify needs and architectures, choose and install the most suitable technologies, and guarantee the operation of the service and its optimization over time

Italtel’s offer encompasses three macro areas:

  • ICT / IT infrastructure: security of companies’ ICT infrastructure and security of the infrastructures used to provide TLC services (Endpoint Protection, Identity and Access Management, DDoS and Advanced Malware Protection, Software-Defined Network Segmentation, Secure Data Center, Network Analytics)
  • OT protection: security of OT infrastructures in manufacturing and in the industrial sector in general, security of networking OT supporting infrastructures (Industrial Control System protection, OT Networks protection, Remote access)
  • Cloud Security: security of infrastructures, applications and data in hybrid environments (microsegmentation, virtual firewalling, workload protection, application security, cloud access security broker, url filtering, file storage security and encryption).

For each area, the offered services range from Technology Security Assessment to System Integration, with support and maintenance models that can be more traditional or fully-managed

  • Technology Security Assessment: support services for companies aimed at assessing the “health” of their infrastructures and suggesting possible enforcement actions to be taken in the short and medium term with regard to reconfigurations, as well as architectural and technological evolutions
  • System Integration services: networking of security solutions in a multi-vendor context, activation of the security features of the preferred solution while also minimizing impact on the customer’s activities, maintenance and technical assistance, NOC and SOC 24x7x365, ISO / IEC certificate 27001.

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