Italian Conference on cybersecurity

The Italian cyber security community will meet at ITASEC18 from Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 February at the Politecnico di Milano to talk about privacy, Raas, blockchain technology, ..

The Second Italian Conference on Cyber Security is an annual event supported by the CINI Cybersecurity National Laboratory that aims at putting together Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry, and government working in the field of cyber security. Visit the website for further information.

On 6 February the conference starts with the Cybersecurity white book

On Friday 9 February, Paolo Comi, Italtel Research and Innovation Manager, will present the paper “A distributed cyber-security framework for heterogeneous environments” written by Raffaele Bolla, Paolo M. Comi, and Matteo Repetto.



Evolving business models, computing paradigms, and management practices are rapidly re-shaping the usage models of ICT infrastructures, and demanding for more flexibility and dynamicity in enterprise security, beyond the traditional “security perimeter” approach. Since valuable ICT assets cannot be easily enclosed within a trusted physical sandbox any more, there is an increasing need for a new generation of pervasive and capillary cybersecurity paradigms over distributed and geographically-scattered systems. Following the generalized trend towards virtualization, automation, software-definition, and hardware/software disaggregation, in this paper we elaborate on a multi-tier architecture made of a common, programmable, and pervasive data-plane and a powerful set of multi-vendor detection and analysis algorithms. Our approach leverages the growing level of programmability of ICT infrastructures to create a common and unified framework that could be used to monitor and protect distributed heterogeneous environments, including legacy enterprise networks, IoT installations, and virtual resources deployed in the cloud.

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