Cisco HCS for a global operator


One of the largest telecommunication companies in the world has an internal organization dedicated to the provision of global telecommunication services to multinational clients.In its Data Center, it hosts all the applications required to provide “hosted” UC&C solutions to large enterprises. Specifically, its offer is based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS).

It is a distributed carrier-class solution, which enables UC&C functions for multinational contexts, with 3 PoPs on 3 continents.


In order to implement the HCS solution in their Data Centers, the operator turned to Italtel, which commissioned the entire solution, providing places, materials and helpful resources to host and make the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP PBX operational.

Italtel provided all the professional services for the solution (in partnership with Cisco Services for the first Data Center): planning, design and implementation (according to the PDI model) and Day-2 services, once the platform was activated.
Day-2 services


This service model has allowed both this great operator (Italtel’s customer) to achieve, as regards the Enterprise market, an acceleration in revenue, a substantial improvement in time-to-market and lower overall management costs.

Enabling this solution, the operator combats the phenomenon that sees Service Providers squeezed into the role of connectivity providers exclusively; the strategy demonstrates that it is possible to reverse this trend and take the road of “recurrent revenue”.

Once commissioned, Italtel managed to succeed in the delicate operation of “on-boarding” the first enterprise on a dedicated instance in its three Data Centers (London, Miami, Hong Kong).

This enterprise is a company that employs tens of thousands of people in more than 120 countries.
Italtel successfully guaranteed on field delivery, in addition to complete distribution – with no disservice – of the clients provided to the more than 60.000 users.
The company has been able to enjoy some important benefits:

  • minimizing the inherent risks in introducing new technology, delegating them to the operator
  • avoiding the purchase of all the elements necessary for the realization of the service, therefore moving towards an “as a Service” model and achieving to move from CAPEX to OPEX.

In addition, a company moving from an “on premises” towards a “hosted” solution can enjoy all the advantages that arise from the possibility of standardizing the level of service for all employees and of easily and quickly updating with new features and performance.


In 2012, this major operator involved the main Service Providers capable of ensuring a comprehensive approach, and issued a call for tenders for the construction of an innovative solution for Unified Communication & Collaboration.
Specifically, this tender was meant to renew its UC&C infrastructure, consisting of:

  • an IP Centrex solution to ensure basic telephone services over a PSTN connection to the majority of employees
  • a PBX solution in Siemens technology (IP and TDM)
  • a proprietor collaboration client providing IP telephony services on PC, presence, and instant messaging
With competitive prices and full compliance with the requirements, Italtel won the international tender.
In its first phase, the project consisted of commissioning, within the operator network, a Cisco UC&C solution, which the employees of the company -operator’s customer- could access through Cisco WebEx Connect (on Windows PCs) clients (WCC).
The Cisco UC solution has been integrated with the existing voice solution using a SIP Trunk connection.
After the first phase of the activity, Italtel and the operator won a subsequent call for bids from the company and they were awarded:

  • upgrading of the infrastructure, by providing the HCS release update
  • replacing WebEx Connect with Jabber enabling video communication service and the ability to install the client on smartphones and tablets as well
  • commissioning 70 videoconference stations
  • switching off the previous Broadsoft solution
  • integrating the WebEx meeting service, made available to all employees of the enterprise.
This project was the beginning of a relationship that has been reconfirming over time.


All this has been possible due to operational capabilities of the operator, Cisco and Italtel, and the synergy between them.
As evidenced by the positive experience with this global player, Italtel knows how to carry out a complex role that requires knowledge at the highest level concerning the security aspects, virtualized infrastructure, managing the coexistence of many companies at the same infrastructure, all indispensable in the context of the Data Center.
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