With the evolution of the VoIP networks, the demand for interconnection among IP networks is increasing. Medium and Large Operators are facing the challenge of interconnecting to other operators’ IP networks in a secure and smooth way. These kind of connections bring new revenues but implicitly also the resolution of interworking issues like different codecs to deal with, different IP plans and also different kind of IP version (IPv4 and IPv6).
NetMatch-B is the Border Gateway within the NetMatch product line, designed to solve IP-to-IP mediation and transcoding capability which are essential features for VoIP interconnectivity.


NetMatch-B is Italtel H.248 controlled Border Gateway for the media handling. It is specifically design to be adopted for SBC implementation with the distributed deployment model where control plane and user plane handling are performed by different equipment.

By supporting a wide range of HD video and audio codecs, it is well suited for IP-IP interconnection with different media capabilities.

Being also oriented to operators who want to migrate to all-IP network coming from a TDM infrastructure, whilst saving their investments, it is also designed in order to start as a Media Gateway and easily upgraded to a Border Gateway functionality reusing the same hardware through a simple software change.


NetMatch–B is flexible and scalable as it is available in a compact 2 slots-3U ATCA chassis. It is ideal for a small capacity deployment, both for a centralized and a distributed architecture.

The most relevant features are:

  • Border Gateway functionality controlled via H.248
  • NAT/PAT functionality
  • Multi VLAN support
  • IPv4-IPv6 interworking
  • Up to 12k sessions in High Availability configuration
  • Transcoding/transrating among the following audio codecs: AMR-WB G.722.2, AMR, GSM-EFR, G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB, T.38 Fax Relay, iLBC
  • Transcoding HD Video: H.264 AVC, H.263, MPEG4
  • DTMF detection/generation
  • FAX/T.38 interworking
  • DSCP marking
  • SRTP

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